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"You expect me to work for you, damnit?"

Name: Lovino Vargas
"Call me Romano!"
Represents: Minami Italia
"South Italy, bastard."
Birthday: March 17th
Language(s): Italian and Spanish
"Your language is to hard too remember, damnit!"

Side note: This is the Romano from the Chibitalia side story "Boss Spain and Chibi Romano"

As a child, he often slacked off and slept when it came to chores, though he was rather clumsy when he actually tried to do them. In Comic Diary 10 and blog illustrations by Himaruya, as well as in the first part of Boss Spain's Control Of Southern Italy, it is revealed that the younger Lovino had a bed-wetting problem and often had trouble finding the toilet due to the vast size of Antonio's mansion. In Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 1, it is also revealed that he had the disease Choreia as a child, and that it played a part in his clumsiness. Antonio attempted to heal him by making him dance the Tarantella, and he appeared to recover from the disease, whether due to those efforts or not.


he two brothers grew up knowing of each other, but they never actually met face to face. Feliciano eventually went off to live with their grandfather for some time, while Lovino stayed behind. After Grandpa Rome had died and Feliciano came back, Lovino and the other boys had since become bullies to him. The two were separated again at the end of the Italian War, when Feliciano was claimed by the Holy Roman Empire and Roderich, while Lovino was sent to live with Antonio because he was too difficult to deal with.

In the present day, the two brothers don't get along very well, Lovino occasionally even refusing to acknowledge his brother's existence. Feliciano is more than eager to be around his older brother. As a child, Lovino often felt jealous and inferior to Feliciano, due to the younger brother inheriting their grandfather's talent for art, while he could barely draw. He also felt that his brother took after their grandfather in appearance more. Despite this though, he's shown to have at least a subconcious care for him, becoming upset when his brother implies he doesn't admire him, and sharing a bed with him. Usually when it's hinted that he cares about Feliciano though, something happens that angers him and he instantly reverts back.

Because he was raised by him for so long, he takes after him in his culture, customs, and religion, as well as his love for tomatoes. While Antonio is often affectionate to him, Lovino tends to treat him rather coldly, thinking Antonio just wants his grandfather's inheritance. He does care about him deep down, but rarely shows it openly, though he is shown to become extremely jealous when Antonio is with someone else. When Antonio catches a cold, Lovino panics and increases imports from Antonio (despite having a cold himself) and seems to lose his weakness, shown by his ability to beat up his mafia (even though he usually bends to their will).

In his youth, Lovino would often jump on Antonio or headbutt him in the stomach to wake him up. This caused Antonio to have a nightmare where Lovino, as an adult, jumped down on him and "crushed his vital regions" in the process.

The "Boss"
It`s not like I care about you or anything.

Little Brother
Don`t hurt him you German bastards!

[He`s just obviously too busy sleeping and working at being the worlds best procrastinator to do anything at the momento.

Please leave a message after the beep.

beep ]

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